Animal rights activists at the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have bought newlyweds Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas a bull as a wedding present.
Officials at the organisation celebrated the couple's nuptials in New York on Saturday (30Jun12) by purchasing the creature, named Raja, and freeing him from a life of servitude.
The bull, now renamed Baldwin Thomas, belonged to a sugarcane farmer in India and spent his days pulling a cart.
A spokesman for Peta says, "He will now spend the rest of his days in peace, relaxing at Animal Rahat's sanctuary in Maharashtra."
Explaining the wedding gift, Peta Senior Vice President Lisa Lange tells WENN, "Alec is a strong person you don't mess with, and he's a vegetarian, as is Baldwin Thomas. The couple who have everything now have a rescued bull whose newly found happiness reflects their own."
Animal Rahat is a non-profit organisation that provides free aid to working animals.
Baldwin is a longtime Peta supporter.