Hollywood star Alec Baldwin has been criticised for the leaked answer machine rant he left for his 11-year-old daughter - by fans on his own website. The Departed actor, at the centre of a bitter custody battle with his ex-wife Kim Basinger, is taking legal action to find out who provided the tape to website TMZ.com. And opinion as to whether Baldwin should have left the message, in which he verbally chastises daughter Ireland and calls Basinger "a thoughtless pain in the ass", is divided - even on his own internet site. One user, Wendy, writes: "Never call your daughter a pig or brainless. She will carry this in her heart forever. "Words are like toothpaste - once they come out there's no putting them back where they came from." Another fan, Kayla, adds: "Grow up and think of that child. Be a man for once. There is no way on earth you can justify calling your child a pig. None." However, among the messages in support of Baldwin is one from Kelly: "Alec, I am sorry that the public feels they have a right to judge your situation. Stay strong, love your children, take the high road and don't look down. You are a father and a man first."