Alec Baldwin has come to the defence of U.S. politician Anthony Weiner, putting the congressman's headline-grabbing sex scandal down to his "busy" lifestyle and the "constant pressure cooker" of politics.
The married New York representative was thrust into the spotlight this month (Jun11) after he admitting lying about sending an explicit picture to a female student via Twitter, while he also confessed to having intimate phone and internet chats with other women.
The 30 Rock star, who recently hinted he may run for the mayoral office in his native New York, has now reacted to Weiner's personal problems in an article written for the Huffington Post, insisting the politician's busy job contributed to his actions.
Baldwin writes, "My thought on Weiner is that he is a very busy man... It's exhausting. He exists under a constant pressure cooker of self-analysis and public appraisal. Like other politicians, he needs something to take the edge off. For some people, regardless of occupation, that could mean booze, drugs, gambling, food or shopping. For high functioning men like Weiner... that leaves one tried and true source of a reliable high. The affirmation that comes when someone lets you know they want to sleep with you. Or even cyber-sleep with you."
Baldwin goes on to admit he laughed about the scandal at first, but now he feels deeply sorry for the man, adding, "Weiner is a modern human being. So he ensnared himself in things that modern humans do. When I first heard about his problems, I snickered and made jokes, too. Now, I'm sad for him, his family, his district and his colleagues."