Stig Of The Dump - Mood Swings Album Review

Review of Mood Swings Album by Stig Of The Dump

If you were going to take a name on to become a rapper would you really call yourself Stig Of The Dump? Really would you?

Stig Of The Dump Mood Swings Album

We kick off with what can only be described as an attempt at stand-up comedy, although it's a little unclear who the comedian is. 'I Got Game' is the first taste of Stig's actual music and his style, it's pretty straight up rap really - it's not exactly a radio friendly track, there would be a serious lack of vocal content if a radio edit of this track was made. It seems that maybe SOTD wasn't taught his P's and Q's but definitely knows his F bombs. One of the highlights of the album is 'Give It Up' which shows slight potential with a few sounds not too dissimilar to The Gorillaz but it is only potential.

Unfortunately for the listener 'Mood Swings' offers very little in comparison to what else currently available on the British hip hop scene - with the exception of the stand-up that really has no place on this record. 'U Want Some' starts off with some potential but then it is all back to how many times can you fit the word F**k in one song.

Without being all Simon Cowell and nasty but honest "this just doesn't offer much"

Mark Moore

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Stig Of The Dump - Mood Swings

If you were going to take a name on to become a rapper would you really call yourself Stig Of The Dump? Really would you?We...

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Kevin T.'s picture

Kevin T.

The comedian at the beginning of the record is Doug Stanhope. He is probably the best stand-up performing today (not only my opinion but widely acknowledged by other comedians and publications around the world)Wouldn't have taken much research to figure that one out rather than begin the review knowledgeless with your dick in your hand. Bit more effort please!I think the record's pretty good...

3 years 10 months ago
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mic spilligan's picture

mic spilligan

What kind of music journalist are you, from the outset you're are judging the man based on his choice of name, as it doesn't fit YOUR pre conception of what a rapper should be. Secondly as with most pretentious music journo's this is less a review & more an opportunity for you to offer your opinion with absolutely zero credentials to back it up. You're supposed to be a fan of language, a word smith, yet you're offended by profanity. Profanity which isn't aimed at you, so you have made a conscious decision to be offended by it. I sincerely hope no one pays you for you're opinion. Jeffery Chaucer famously used the word c**t, Shakespeare regularly employed the use of verbose language to express emotion. I bet you're the very same type of hypocrite who is currently ranting & raving about Ceelo Green's "f**k You"... so with that in mind. f**k YOU Mark Moore

3 years 10 months ago
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RawTalk Recordings's picture

RawTalk Recordings

This is hilarious in the sense that this dude is supposedly reviewing a UK Hip Hop album without any idea of what Hip Hop is, in fact without any idea on what art/self expression is!And I agree with "Mic" that you shouldnt even be debating his name - damn near every rap name is dumb to people that dont know where it came from - Snoop Dogg, to name one is random name to ears, but your probably more concerned with the fact that he spells it wrong.And I'd like YOU to list me JUST ONE UK Hip Hop album out there that even comes close to this work.(That under the assumption you know your HIP HOP that is.) And rather then focusing on the "F Bombs" you should focus on the words and emotion that surround them, Stig's got an amazing vocab and know's how to use it.This is by far one of the Greatest Hip Hop albums out right now and I'd recommend it to everyone, lyrical its it amazingly poetic, that is if your head aint up your ring piece that is."HATER" is without one of the best SONGS not just rap/hip hop BUT SONGS, I've ever herd.So on that note people BUY THE ALBUM and ignore the dibble of this guys SO CALLED review!!!

3 years 10 months ago
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