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Ben Wheeler

Not sure what to make of this review, some of it sounds like total drivel (i.e the part about Le Bon's voice and the part about 'choking' at the mention of their name), but the rest seems to be complimentary in places."It's also fair to say that anyone labouring under the impression that a little thing like having to self release would put a dent into the group's legendary ego is in for a rather nasty surprise however - all the qualities which made you either cheer or choke at just the mention of their name are still here in spades." Sorry, but there's nothing on this album that would make anyone 'choke'. Most of the new album is influenced by the band's first two LPs, which are both generally regarded as masterpieces. Their debut album was a bravado of slick, experimental 'Art Rock' and their second album 'Rio' was one of the most influential Pop albums of the 1980s. It was their third album 'Seven & The Ragged Tiger' which marked their downfall and saw them transform into a cheesy, mainstream pop outfit. 'All You Need Is Now' is devoid of such garbage, because it doesn't have a 'Union of the Snake' or a 'Cracks in the Pavement' or even a 'Reflex'. It's a well-written, well-produced body of work.I disagree with you about Le Bon's voice as well. Not only does he sound fantastic on the new album, but he also sounds vastly better than he did in 1981. Although not an entirely negative assessment, if you checked out the other reviews for this album (not to mention the score of 77 on Metacritic, which is pretty high really), you would see that you're very much in the minority with some of your more perplexing comments.

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