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Marinus Gultig

I must say that I'm sick to my stomach of all the bad reviews this CD has received, this from fans!! So if your looking for some more knocks on the album, the artists or the songs, don't read on.I Might be a bigger or a smaller fan than the person reviewing this, don't think that it matters really. I have not many times in my life come across any album from any single artist that I've loved every song on it. This album is no exception, but to knock it the way some have to me just seems ridiculous. I love the album in general and will say that it is much of what any Springsteen fan should have expected. Not trying to play the mans trumpet, I will say that many times in the history of this artist have we seen changes in the way he plays and the songs he does, there is always some line that we would be 100% ready to expect and there is always something so new that it just doesn't seem like Springsteen. The mere fact that this is the case, should point to the fact that, as we the fans evolve and change, so does our favorite artist. YOU GO BRUCE! For me this is a winner and will be leaving a part of rock history touched!

5 years 7 months ago
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