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The Osterman Weekend Review

Think The Big Chill, but if all but one of the attendees were Soviet secret agents... or are they??? Rutger Hauer plays the good guy for once, as a Hardball-style TV show host who becomes convinced by a vengeful CIA agent (John Hurt) that his pals (including Craig T. "Coach" Nelson as the titular Osterman -- "a nihilistic anarchist living on risiduals") are all KGB operatives. Sam Peckinpah's final movie is stylish, has loads of nudity and other debauchery, and makes virtually no sense at all. Cheers!

Night Moves Review

Hey, I loved Chinatown too. A year after Roman Polanski made his masterpiece, Arthur Penn came along and shat out this dreck in a sad attempt to quickly knock off what made Chinatown great.

We pick up the story with Los Angeles detective Harry Moseby (Gene Hackman), a P.I. who's hired by a wealthy woman to track down her runaway daughter (Melanie Griffith in her first speaking part and already taking off her clothes), who's run off to the Florida Keys. Almost at random, a secondary plot develops, involving a murderous movie stunt coordinator. Meanwhile, Harry's wife is cheating on him, and Harry confronts the guy on at least two different occasions.

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Rob Roy Review

The classic Rob Roy cocktail: pour 1 1/2 oz. scotch whiskey and 1/2 oz. sweet vermouth into a mixing glass with ice, stir, and strain. Add one maraschino cherry. Make more than one; you'd better drink up before you head off to see this dog of a picture.

Rob Roy is not, unfortunately, a film about bartending. Rather, it's the first of three upcoming swashbuckler movies for 1995. Liam Neeson is Robert Roy McGregor, the famed Scottish highlander with a heart of gold. Jessica Lange is his headstrong wife. After half an hour of proving what a Great Guy he is, Rob plans to make a bundle of profits on driving some cattle across Scotland. He borrows some money from a nobleman to fund this campaign, only to have it is stolen by Bad Guy Cunningham (Tim Roth).

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