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Mcgee Worried About Ryder

2nd June 2006

British rock mogul ALAN MCGEE has raised his concerns for the mental health of former HAPPY MONDAYS frontman SHAUN RYDER. The former LIBERTINES manager, who steered the careers of OASIS and PRIMAL SCREAM on his...

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Pistol Crowned King Of Punk

17th June 2005

Former SEX PISTOLS frontman JOHN LYDON has been voted the "most punk" person of all time. The flame-haired PRETTY VACANT rocker, famously known as JOHNNY ROTTEN during the 1970s punk era because of his...

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The Libertines Manager Wants Band To Reform

1st May 2005

Former LIBERTINES manager ALAN McGEE wants estranged rockers PETE DOHERTY and CARL BARAT to heal their rift and reform the group so they can sell millions of records. The mogul, who managed the CAN'T...

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Mcgee Regrets Coldplay Comments

13th December 2004

COLDPLAY frontman CHRIS MARTIN has received an apology from former CREATION RECORDS boss ALAN McGEE, who once branded the band "music for bedwetters". McGEE, who has signed legends including OASIS and PRIMAL SCREAM, admits...

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Doherty Attacks Barat In New Song

13th September 2004

Troubled LIBERTINES rocker PETE DOHERTY has sparked fears his hiatus from the band is permanent - by blasting his bandmate CARL BARAT in a new song. The charismatic frontman - who was kicked out...

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Gallagher Sells Manager Gift

3rd September 2004

OASIS songwriter NOEL GALLAGHER is selling off his prized ROLLS ROYCE car on online auction site CREATION RECORDS boss ALAN McGEE bought the rocker a 1978 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow in 1995 after...

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Libertines Star Vows 'Never To Rejoin The Band'

22nd July 2004

Troubled LIBERTINES star PETE DOHERTY has vowed never to rejoin the group - because they played Scotland's T IN THE PARK festival without him. Doherty was forced to quit the band by exasperated frontman...

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Doherty Jets Off To Thai Rehab

9th June 2004

Troubled rocker PETE DOHERTY last night (8JUN04) flew out to Thailand in a bid to beat his addiction to drugs at the world's toughest rehab clinic. THE LIBERTINES singer's bandmates, mum and agent ALAN...

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Libertines Manager Rubbishes Split Talk

4th June 2004

THE LIBERTINES manager ALAN McGEE has blasted reports the British band have split following troubled frontman PETE DOHERTY's exile to France. Doherty - who is currently battling his drug addiction in a Paris rehabilitation...

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Bodyguards Keep Libertines Stars At Peace

5th May 2004

British rockers THE LIBERTINES hired bodyguards while recording their new album - to stop frontmen PETE DOHERTY and CARL BARAT attacking each other. The pair's relationship has been sensitive since Doherty was jailed last...

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Liam And Nicole Battle To Save Their Love

19th October 2003

Wildman rocker LIAM GALLAGHER is fighting to save his relationship with pop beauty NICOLE APPLETON, after a series of arguments over his boozing. The OASIS singer and former ALL SAINT Nicole - who have...

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Alan Mcgee Buys Back Poptones For Gbp1

25th June 2003

Pop mogul ALAN McGEE has bought back the record company that was once valued at $27.2 million (GBP17 million) on the stock market - for just $1.60 (GBP1). POPTONES was failing to make money...

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