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like red on a rose what an exciting & wounderful addition to ALAN JACKSONS musical self this voice never stops amazing me the voice hold he has on all that listen giving all his love again a master of voice THANX ALAN Possum

Posted 8 years 9 months ago by possum

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If we could give to Alan Jackson just part of what hes given us his public Good God Jesus woooooooooh thanx Alan Jackson

Posted 9 years 2 weeks ago by possum

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not to long ago I was asked to discuss & rate Alan & Trace Adkins works I said They diffurnt they both give you all they got pushed further & further I fine ly OH so fine ly explaned Wwwell Trace is kinda in yo face & gentel forces you to take notice While Alan slides in beside you and gentel forces you by askin you to listen They diffurnt in they voices in they words & in they notes But they love with song all that listen,how they love how they live more than any other country artist & they are able to sing to the core of your soul you cant rate one over the other they both MASTERS OF VOICE

Posted 9 years 3 weeks ago by possum

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