Sepideh – Reaching for the Stars

Sepideh – Reaching for the Stars Sepideh – Reaching for the Stars

Without the blight of pollution, the stars shine bright in the rural village, far away from Tehran, Iran. It is there that teenager Sepideh has the unlikely dream of becoming a renowned astronomer, inspired by Anousheh Ansari, the first Iranian in space.

So she hauls her telescope, which is as tall if not taller than herself, to a peak and stargazes the night away. Her religion doesn’t lend itself to female astronomers, and her uncle threatens against this ‘unladylike’ ideal, while her widowed mother warns that her dream will be difficult to realise due to financial difficulties.

Aimer, Boire et Chanter (Life of Reilly)

French director Alain Resnais (Hiroshima, mon amour andL’année dernière à Marienbad) has adapted Alan Ayckbourn’s 2010 play, Life Of Riley in this stripped back, emotive drama. The synopsis reads: “In the English countryside, the lives of three couples are upset by a character we hear constantly talk, but we never see the enigmatic George Riley.”

This is the filmmaker’s third adaptation of Ayckbourn’s work, which includes Smoking/No Smoking and Coeurs – two films that won the Silver Bear and Silver Lion awards respectively. “With Alain every film is very different,” said Jean-Louis Livi, who is producing. “You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet’ deals with life, love, death and the hereafter, while ‘Chanter’ will be an uplifting comedy with some acid moments.”

Alain ResnaisAlain Resnais directed Aimer, Boire et Chanter (Life of Reilly)