To Kill a Man

To Kill a ManTo Kill a Man

With two feature credits to his name - Huacho (2009) and Lo que trae la lluvia (2007) - director Alejandro Fernández Almendras has an impressive if not small stock coming into Sundance 2014. His film, To Kill a Man – which just sounds like a world cinema title – sees an unassuming, working-class man confronted by thugs and violence in his once-peaceful neighbourhood. With enough to take care of himself and his family, Jorge’s existence is comparatively luxurious, making him the target of the area’s new troublemakers.

Forced into action and unaided by the bureaucracy and apathy of his country’s legal system, our middle-of-the-road protagonist Jorge must take matter into own hands to – as the synopsis puts it – ‘defend what is his’. To Kill a Man stars Daniel Candia, Daniel Antivilo, Alejandra Yañez and Ariel Mateluna.

The Raid 2

The Raid 2The Raid 2

It can’t all be obscure filmmakers and delightfully/terrifyingly outlandish plots; there’s room for mainstream foreign cinema, too – you large snob. The Raid: Redemption was one of 2011’s biggest world movie hits with its tightly choreographed fight sequences and no nonsense plot (I think we get a maximum of five shots outside of that building, and one of Rama’s family).

The Raid 2 promises more of that, and kicks off just two hours after the first movie ends. The plot is unknown, but from the trailer we can surmise that Rama is in jail, and has revenge in his thoughts. The plot was secondary to the blistering pace of traditional Indonesian martial art pencak silat; we’d expect Berandal to be the same.

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