NBC sportscaster Al Michaels’ DUI charge made headlines today.

The play-by-play announcer for NBC’s Saturday Night Football was arrested in Southern California on Friday, on misdemeanor DUI. The man handled it as coolly as possible though, cooperating with the police fully. According to TMZ, the incident was quite tame – no car chases, no resisting arrest. This was no Hollywood trainwreck. Michaels reportedly went through a South Carolina checkpoint at approximately 10PM and the police officers detected alcohol on his breath. He was then given the standard sobriety tests and, after performing poorly, was placed under arrest. Michaels didn’t spend too long in holding though, being released mere hours later – at 4.45AM on Saturday – on his own recognizance.

Apparently Michaels’ blood alcohol level was right at the limit and police officers reported that the sportscaster couldn’t have been nicer throughout the whole process. All in all, it seems like he was a model offender (if that’s even a thing). Smart move on his part, of course. His court date is set for June 26th, but it doesn’t look like there could be too much fuss around it. Michaels has been in the business for several decades. Before doing Sunday Night Football, he spent 20 years as the host of NBC’s Monday Night Football.

Al Michaels, Paley Center
Before this incident, Michaels has long been a respected member of the media community.