Fans of jazz great Al Jarreau are fearing for the singer's health again after he scrapped a show in California on Sunday night (20May12) due to illness.
The Moonlighting singer was scheduled to perform at The Centre in Escondido but he pulled out the show at the last minute and has learned he is in hospital.
The multiple Grammy Award winner, 72, battled illness in 2010, but assured fans that reports he was near death were vastly exaggerated.
He was diagnosed with a heart arrhythmia in France, but insisted the issue was quickly resolved.
Jarreau told, "I had a shortness of breath incident, and I went in (to hospital) and it led to a real thorough examination... and I found out I had some cells that were misfiring and miscommunicating in my heart and making my heart race and causing a shortness of breath.
"There was an easy fix for it, so we did the fix, and there are a few lifestyle changes in place now. I think I might have avoided and averted some other, bigger problems had I not discovered it. But we're beyond that now, and I'm doing great."