R+B star Akon has accused a stream of celebrities and sports stars of buying the luxury stolen cars he used to sell illegally.

Although the LONELY sensation is refusing to unveil the guilty parties, the reformed criminal admits many of his clients were famous throughout his former career overseeing a huge car theft operation across America.

And in an effort to defend his own criminal past, Akon insists his car scam was merely a reflection of his desire for success on his own terms.

He says, "The hustle I was doing paid very well. I've never believed in working for nobody. I always wanted to be my own boss. I was the black sheep of my family, getting in trouble trying to get rich.

"I was selling luxury cars to celebrities, athletes and comedians, people like that. I could name names all day. But I wouldn't blow their cover."

And Akon credits his spell in prison with awakening him to the harsh realities of crime - so he became determined to earn his millions as a music star.

He adds, "When I got locked up I realised I had to straighten up. A relative set up a production company and took my music to all the labels."

16/05/2005 13:44