Ethan and Jaden are two street kids with a close knit group of friends, Amy, Tim, Rebecca and Brian, who they enjoy spending time with at the Old Garage youth centre in their town run by Gina. However, the small venue has become more of a problem than a necessary building in the eyes of the council who wish to demolish it unless they can cough up enough cash to own it. In an attempt to raise a few pounds, Ethan and Jaden put forward an idea to Gina; to put on acts in a show and sell tickets. Initially sceptical at first, the worried Gina soon allows them free reign as they audition a variety of talent from martial artists to BMXers and skateboarders as well as a several street dancers. Will the kids manage to save their beloved centre, or will their only inspiration for their passions be bulldozed to the ground despite all their efforts?

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