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Beyond The Lights - Alternative Trailer

Datari TurnerNoni Jean has always been an immensely talented singer and performer, winning local talent competitions at a very young age with the encouragement of her pushy mother Macy. Needless to say, she quickly becomes a world famous popstar as she hits her teens, playing to crowds of thousands every night and jetting all over the globe. As much as this may seem like any young girl's dream, Noni just wishes she could stop for a minute and also that she could escape the often degrading and frequently pressured life of stardom she leads. She reaches breaking point eventually, planning to jump to her death from a multi-storey building, but she is saved mid-jump by a caring officer named Kaz Nicol who she immediately connects with. He wants to protect her from the pressures of her chaotic life and gives her the strength to take control of her world once again.

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Picture - Aisha Hinds - 20th Annual... Los Angeles California United States, Friday 20th June 2014

Aisha Hinds - 20th Annual Los Angeles Film Festival - 'Dear White People' - Premiere - Los Angeles, California, United States - Friday 20th June 2014

If I Stay Trailer

When one day the most scary thing you can contemplate is an important cello recital at Juilliard and the next you are fighting for your life, you're bound to feel a little messed up. Mia didn't realise just how much she had; her close family, her amazingly cool and loyal boyfriend Adam and a sparkling future in music; until a fateful family car journey in the snow forced her to see. She finds herself having an out of body experience, looking over her comatose body in hospital with her family and friends surrounding her. She understands that she is going to be an orphan with a future more uncertain than ever, but those who love her have to convince her to come back to them nonetheless. Will she brave it and return to the world? Or is it really her time to leave?

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Picture - Aisha Hinds - CW, CBS... Beverly Hills California United States, Monday 29th July 2013

Aisha Hinds - CW, CBS and Showtime 2013 Summer TCA Party - Arrivals - Beverly Hills, California, United States - Monday 29th July 2013

Picture - Aisha Hinds - CW, CBS... Los Angeles California United States, Monday 29th July 2013

Aisha Hinds - CW, CBS and Showtime's 2013 Summer TCA Party - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 29th July 2013

Aisha Hinds
Aisha Hinds

Stephen King's 'Under The Dome' "Could Be Just What We've Needed"

Stephen King Aisha Hinds Mike Vogel Kevin Bacon Rachelle Lefevre

Stephen King's novel Under the Dome, adapted into a miniseries, aired yesterday (June 25, 2013) in the US and has been met with favourable reviews. The horror writer's 2009 novel had a huge audience of 13.1 million viewers and is likely to continue filming until September. Owing to its initial popularity, it is possible CBS could fund further episodes. 

The pilot episode introduces the audience to the bizarre Maine town of Chester's Mill, an area which is trapped in a bubble from which the residents cannot escape. With a healthy dose of a mysterious murder; a plane crash and many of the residents suffering convulsions it's definitely Stephen King's style. 

Under The Dome is CBS' latest attempt to compete with rival networks who offer such series as The Following and Revolution. The cast of Under the Dome may not match up to the likes of Kevin Bacon (in The Following) but Joanne Ostrow of the Denver Post comments on the suitability of mixing 'veteran actors and fresh new faces'.  

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Stephen King Adaptation 'Under The Dome' Will Star Twilight's Rachelle Lefevre

Rachelle Lefevre Stephen King Steven Spielberg Dean Norris Aisha Hinds Mike Vogel

Rachelle Lefevre will be joining the new CBS sci-fi drama Under the Dome, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The Twilight star is pegged to play the role of Julia, an investigative reporter who has recently moved to Chetser’s Mill, from Chicago. Once there, she and the rest of Chester’s Mill’s inhabitants, finds herself dealing with the “post apocalyptic conditions” that arise when a “strange dome” encapsulates the entire town.

With the show based on Stephen King’s popular novel, Julia is the editor of the town’s local paper and her curiosity is sparked by the news that multiple deliveries of propane gas had been made to a local warehouse. The appearance of the dome has her confused, though the disappearance of her husband – the local doctor – has her even more concerned. The drama is due to be produced by CBS Television studios and was taken straight to series, in association with Steven Spielberg’s own Amblin Television. Working as executive producers on the show will be Neal Baer, Darryl Frank, Justin Falvey, Stacey Snider and Brian K Vaughan. The premiere episode of the series will also feature Lost’s Jack Bender as executive producer.

The cast will also include Dean Norris (Breaking Bad), Mike Vogel (Pan Am) and Aisha Hinds (True Blood). Her casting in Under the Dome marks a return to CBS for Lefevre, who previously worked with them on A Gifted Man. The show is scheduled to premiere on June 24, 2013. 

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The Next Three Days Trailer

The Brennan family are suddenly thrown into dismay when wife and mother Lara Brennan is arrested for the murder of her boss. Throughout her incarceration and trail, Lara has always pleaded innocent to the claims but she was still found guilty leaving her husband John at home looking after their young son who is growing increasingly distant to his mother.

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Picture - Aisha Hinds New York City, USA, Wednesday 18th February 2009

Aisha Hinds and Tyler Perry Wednesday 18th February 2009 New York Screening of Tyler Perry's 'Medea Goes To Jail' at the AMC Loews Lincoln Center - Arrivals New York City, USA

Aisha Hinds

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