Aidan Turner, the star of BBC’s ‘Poldark’ has said he expects the knives to be out for the second series of the hit drama. The Irish actor, who plays mine-owner Ross Poldark, says he believes there will be those who want to knock the show down “a peg or two”, after its successful first series.

Aidan TurnerAidan Turner stars as Captain Ross Poldark in the BBC period drama.

Speaking to the Radio Times Turner said: “Knives can be out for a second series. Especially when we got so much support for the first series and everybody was just overwhelmingly positive.”

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“So next year, regardless of the quality of the show, people will tend to go: ‘Let’s knock you down a peg or two.’ And that’s understandable. But the scripts are strong and the performances are all there, so we have every confidence that we’re going to produce something great.”

But before he returns as Poldark, Turner will star in the BBC’s adaptation of Agatha Christie’s bestselling novel And Then There Were None, set to air this Christmas. Turner will play mercenary Philip Lombard in the special and has even cut his famous locks for the role.

As for his hair, which has become synonymous with the Poldark character, Turner says that he enjoys the fact he can cut his hair and go virtually unrecognised in between filming. But while ‘Game of Thrones’ star Kit Harington has reportedly signed a contract forbidding him from cutting his hair, Turner has not done the same.

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"I wouldn’t sign a contract like that,” Turner said. "I want to keep that look for Ross, and doing a movie where you have long hair and you’re trying to style it differently just doesn’t work. Plus, you can’t get away with hair like that in real life.”