Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has blasted TV talent shows insisting he could never "endorse such methods" for discovering new talent. The rocker refuses to watch shows like American Idol, which featured his guitarist Joe Perry last night (23May07), because he feels stars should work hard to reach the top - not get lucky on a television show. He says, "I'm not sure how I feel about those kinds of shows, to be honest. "One of my personal biggest influences was my father, Victor Tallarico. He practised every day on a Steinway grand (piano) in our small apartment, and I listened to him play the classics. "I started singing when I was three, in front of family and friends (and) later from watching bands like the Kinks, the Beatles." But despite his disdain for manufactured stars, Tyler did begrudgingly allow British talent show-formed band Girls Aloud to cover a version of his hit Walk This Way. He explains, "A band that came out of one of those reality shows in Britain recently covered Walk This Way. I'm not going to criticise it, because it was for charity."