Aerosmith bandmates Steven Tyler and Joe Perry drifted apart after their children grew up - because the rockers no longer met for family gatherings, according to the guitarist.
Tyler stunned his colleagues last year (09) when he announced plans for a two-year hiatus before quitting the group, prompting speculation of a massive rift between the frontman and Perry.
Perry has downplayed the reports, but admits they are not close friends any more because they don't "hang out together that much" off-stage.
He tells Reuters, "When our kids were younger and our kids were growing up together we were a lot closer together. As the kids got older and they started going off their own ways and Steven ended up getting divorced... you know, the family get together we don't really do that much any more... But it doesn't interfere with the band."
The Walk This Way hitmakers are now back on track - they're scheduled to kick off their Cocked, Locked, Ready to Rock tour in South America in May (10).