Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has dismissed reports the band are on the verge of splitting following a year of cancelled tour dates, injuries and accidents.
Internet reports have suggested there's dissent within the band amid sourced stories Tyler was drunk when he slipped and fell from a stage during a show in South Dakota earlier this month (Aug09).
The singer broke his collarbone in the accident and Aerosmith were forced to scrap the remainder of their summer tour.
Sources told the last week that Tyler's unhappy bandmates were convinced the sober singer had been drinking before the concert - and they were refusing to work with him again until he got sober again.
But Tyler insists the reports are ridiculous.
He tells, "Someone is leaking stuff, pretending to know."
Tyler states he spoke to his bandmates earlier this week and "s**t's good," adding there have been plenty of times the band almost split - but this isn't one of them.
He adds, "Has the band done things to me where I’ve wanted to quit? Positively. But I’ve stuck in there for the sake of a few sounds we got. I respect the power this band has in and of itself regardless of who says what.
"We’re just one for all, all for one. It’s probably why we’ve never quit. No one’s got enough money!"
But the singer accepts his decision to sign with a new management company ahead of a planned solo project may have upset his longtime bandmates: "I think there’s a little animosity that I went with another management agency... (but) I’m certainly not in outs with the guys."
Aerosmith have been hit by a string of bad luck in the last 12 months - Tyler previously cancelled a series of gigs after he suffered a leg injury, while bandmate Bradley Whitford was forced to step down from touring duties after undergoing surgery for a burst blood vessel. The group also pulled out of a planned tour in 2008 and dates earlier this year (09) to allow guitarist Joe Perry to recover from knee surgery.