Aerosmith rocker Tom Hamilton was stunned to learn the band's comeback album Music From Another Dimension! was released on the 42nd anniversary of the group's first ever gig.

The rockers returned to the charts with their first record of original material in 11 years when the disc was released on 6 November (12).

Executives at the band's record label chose the date to avoid the record clashing with any other big releases, and bassist Hamilton was blown away to discover the day marked a special milestone for the band.

After editors at music website pointed out the anniversary, Hamilton said, "That's funny. I didn't realise that November 6th was when we played our first show, I knew it was in the fall of 1970. That's pretty cool. No, it just came about, I'm pretty flabbergasted as we speak.

"It was a total coincidence. The record was essentially finished in the beginning of the summer. It could have come out anytime between June or July. The record company wanted to bring it out on November 6th, because they wanted to release it (on) a day when there wasn't a lot of other big albums coming out so that it would get as much attention as possible."