Aerosmith have promised to bring a ''little of 1975 back'' on their forthcoming album.

Frontman Steven Tyler revealed the 'I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing' hitmakers have been working on completing their first piece of new material since 2001 record 'Just Push Play', and the 'American Idol' judge is set to play The Drums on the new album.

He said: ''The camaraderie's there, there's some songs that are new rock, and old rock and middle-of-the-road rock, and blues, piano. Joe Perry singing a couple of songs, I'm playing the drums, Joey sings, just all kinds of stuff.''

The group have teamed up with long-time producer Jack Douglas in order to bring a ''little bit of 1975 back'' to their music as they start their North American 'Global Warming Tour' in June before playing in 18 cities in the country.

Steven added to Reuters: ''You're going to get some new songs from the new album and some old songs from the old albums and you're going to get new us and old us, and we're just going to go out and rock your world.''