Aerosmith considered wearing make-up after seeing Kiss for the first time.

The 'Dream On' hitmakers thought they might have to adopt a similar look to the 'Rock and Roll All Nite' hitmakers - who have built their career on their huge personalities, shocking make-up and elaborate stage shows - in order to be successful, but they decided to ''stick to their guns'' and do their own thing.

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry said: ''The first time we saw KISS and we saw KISS go down in a most amazing way, the audience loved them and we were like, 'All we do is play, does this mean we're going to have to put make up on?'

''When we saw The Dolls you know wearing tu-tus and pumps you know it was like, 'Do you have to do that to make it, what is it?' So we just stuck to our guns and kept writing songs and turning the guitars up.''

While the group are determined to do their own thing, they realise it is ''important'' to remain ''relevant'' in today's music industry in order to compete with their ''rivals and comrades''.

Singer Steven Tyler added to Absolute Radio: ''You know it's important to stay relevant, it's important to have our music current and I know what a good song is and when I write it it's for a reason and it needs to do something to me and then we can present it to the rest of the world.

''But it's all a beautiful journey and a big game and yes some of it's thought out, some of it there's rivals and comrades, but it's the music business you know and it's also can you listen to it by yourself alone on a lawn in Maui.''