Aerosmith (formed 1970)
Aerosmith is an American heavy rock band. The band broke into the public's consciousness with the release of their album Toys in the Attic. Aerosmith have continued to record and perform, well over 35 years since their inception.

The Early Years: In 1969, Steven Tyler met Joe Perry, who was playing in a band alongside Tom Hamilton. Perry and Hamilton moved to Boston, Massachusetts later that year, where they met Joey Kramer. Kramer was from New York and had previously shown an interest in forming a band with Tyler. They met up with Tyler and Aerosmith was born. Ray Tabano was added to the original line-up, to play rhythm guitar. In 1971, however, Tabano was replaced by Brad Whitford.

Success: In 1971, Aerosmith began gigging and signed to the Ed Malhoit Agency. They also signed a management deal with David Krebs and Steve Leber, who invited the president of Columbia Records to watch Aerosmith at Max's Kansas City in New York.

The band's debut, eponymous album, reached 166 in the charts. The highest charting single from the album was 'Dream On'. Since its release, the album has gone on to sell over two million copies.

Aerosmith's second album, Get Your Wings, was released in 1974 and spawned tracks such as 'Same Old Song and Dance' and 'Lord of the Thighs'. The album has sold over three million copies.

In 1975, Aerosmith released Toys in the Attic, the album that truly propelled them to stardom. The single 'Sweet Emotion' became Aerosmith's first Top 40 hit and was followed-up by 'Dream On' and 'Walk This Way, which reached the Top 10 in 1977.

Aerosmith released their next album, Rocks, in 1976. The album quickly achieved platinum status and the album's highlights include the radio-friendly hits 'Back In the Saddle' and 'Last Child'. Rocks went on to sell over four million copies worldwide.

The title track from Aerosmith's next album, Draw the Line (1977) was a hit for the band. The rest of the album, though, did not fare so well. Aerosmith's cover of The Beatles 'Come Together' was featured in the screen version of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. It turned out to be their last Top 40 hit for almost 10 years. Throughout this era. Steve Tyler and Joe Perry earned the nickname 'The Toxic Twins', on account of their drug abuse, both on and off stage.

Aerosmith's sixth studio album, Night in the Ruts, was released in 1979. Shortly after recording the album, Joe Perry's departure from the band was made public. He was replaced by Jimmy Crespo. The band's position at the height of public adoration began to wane and in 1980, Tyler collapsed on stage. Later that year, the band released their Greatest Hits album, which is still their best selling album in the USA.

The band's seventh studio album, Rock In A Hard Place was released in 1982, a year after the departure of Brad Whitford. Whitford was replaced by Rick Dufay. In 1984, both Whitford and Perry re-joined the Aerosmith ranks. The reformed group embarked on the live tour that resulted in the Classic Live II LP.

1985 saw the release of Done with Mirrors, Aerosmith's first release for Geffen Records. The next year, Joe Perry and Steve Tyler appeared on the Run D.M.C. version of 'Walk this Way.' The track is cited with introducing Aerosmith to a younger audience.

In 1987, Aerosmith released Pretty Vacation. The album was an instant success and has sold over 5 million copies in the USA alone. It was this album that launched perhaps the most infamous Aerosmith song, 'Dude (Looks Like A Lady)'. Aerosmith toured with Guns N' Roses to promote the album.

The success of the next album improved on it predecessor. Pump (1989) spawned hits such as 'Love In An Elevator' and 'Janie's Got A Gun'. The next year, Aerosmith recorded a session for MTV Unplugged.

In 1993, Aerosmith released Get A Grip, their first album to debut at number one. The band's videos from this era all featured Alicia Silverstone, later to become a well-known actress, but known, at the time, as The Aerosmith Chick. In 1994, Geffen released a compilation entitled Big Ones.

Nine Lives was released in 1997, to mixed reviews. Eventually, singles such as 'Falling In Love (Is hard On The Knees) ensured lasting chart success for the album.

1998 saw the release of Aerosmith's only number one single, 'I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing', which was featured in the film Armageddon (starring Tyler's daughter, Liv).

Aerosmith's 13th studio album was released in 2001. Just Push Play soon achieved platinum status and launched the single 'Jaded'. In 2004, the band released a blues album entitled Honkin' on Bobo. In 2008, the makers of the Guitar Hero console game devised Guitar Hero: Aerosmith - an homage to the band's music.

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Steven Tyler Denies Reports That He's Had A Seizure Or A Heart Attack

Aerosmith Steven Tyler

While the world continues to express concern in regards to Steven Tyler's health, the Aerosmith frontman is still refusing to reveal what's wrong - though he has denied reports that he suffered a seizure or a heart attack. Despite whatever has happened, he still seems to be in good spirits.

Steven Tyler performs live with Aerosmith Steven Tyler performs live with Aerosmith 

The 69-year-old is playing down the rumours regarding his health after he was admitted to hospital following a performance in Sao Paulo, Brazil last week. He insists he is not in a serious condition, but had to undergo an unspecified 'procedure' which forced him to fly back to the States.

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Steven Tyler Receives Medical Attention After Post-Show Seizure

Steven Tyler Aerosmith

Aerosmith have been forced to cancel the last of their South American tour dates after frontman Steven Tyler collapsed after a show in Brazil earlier this week. In a statement he was described as having suffered 'unexpected medical issues' and therefore had to receive medical attention.

Aerosmith performing liveAerosmith performing live

The band had to scrap their last Aero-Vederci Baby! Tour dates when the 69-year-old singer had a seizure following Monday night's (September 25th 2017) show in Sao Paulo. While it's unclear exactly what caused it, it is not thought to be serious though he was forced to return home immediately.

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Aerosmith perform live at Meo Arena as part of their European tour. - Lisbon, Portugal - Monday 26th June 2017

Aerosmith and Tom Hamilton

From GNR To Norah Jones: The Most Touching Live Tributes For Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell Guns N Roses Norah Jones Aerosmith

When a music legend dies, their peers come out to celebrate their fallen brother or sister in the only way they know how: performing. Since Soundgardan frontman Chris Cornell committed suicide on May 18th 2017, artists everywhere continue to dedicate their live performances to him in the form of touching tributes.

Chris Cornell performing in ManchesterChris Cornell performing in Manchester

Here are just a few of the best Chris Cornell tributes so far:

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Aerosmith Pays Respect To Chris Cornell With 'Dream On' Performance

Chris Cornell Aerosmith

From one rock legend to another, Steven Tyler paid tribute to the late Chris Cornell during Aerosmith's show in the city of Batumi last week which was part of their Aero-Vederci Baby! Tour. He prayed for the grunge star and dedicated one of his oldest songs to him.

Chris Cornell performing live in ManchesterChris Cornell performing live in Manchester

Aerosmith were performing in Georgia (the country, not the state) on Saturday (May 20th 2017), and they took the opportunity to dedicate their opening salvo to Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, who committed suicide following his Detroit show earlier in the week. 

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Steven Tyler and Joe Perry as Aerosmith perform on the Sunset Cliffs stage during the 2016 KAABOO Del Mar music festival, California, United States - Saturday 17th September 2016

Aerosmith, Brad Whitford and Steven Tyler
Aerosmith, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry
Steven Tyler and Aerosmith
Steven Tyler and Aerosmith
Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Aerosmith
Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Aerosmith

Steven Tyler Wants Donald Trump To Stop Using Aerosmith Song 'Dream On' During His Campaign

Steven Tyler Aerosmith Donald Trump

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has reportedly asked Donald Trump to stop using his band’s song ‘Dream On’ during his presidential campaign. According to the Hollywood Reporter, reps for Tyler sent Donald Trump for President Inc. a cease-and-desist letter on October 10th, asking that he stop using the track during campaign events.

Steven TylerSteven Tyler wants Donald Trump to stop using ‘Dream On’ during his campaign.

This is said to be the second time Trump has been asked not to use the song, having been first warned after an event on August 21st in Mobile, Alabama. However he has continued to use it at events, including during a recent appearance in Georgia.

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Steven Tyler Joins Moscow Busker For Impromptu Performance Of ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’

Steven Tyler Aerosmith

Steven Tyler made one busker’s day – if not his year – when he joined him for an impromptu performance. Tyler was visiting Moscow over the weekend when he saw a busker performing on the street and, after grabbing the man’s microphone, proceeded to perform an acoustic version of his band Aerosmith’s ‘I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing’.

Steven TylerSteven Tyler at the 2015 American Idol XIV Grand Finale in Los Angeles, May 2015.

Read More: Steven Tyler Goes 'Gypsy Chic' With His Solo Single 'Love Is Your Name'.

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Steven Tyler Goes 'Gypsy Chic' With His Solo Single 'Love Is Your Name'

Steven Tyler Aerosmith

Steven Tyler is stepping away from the rock 'n' roll mythology that is Aerosmith to venture into more country territory for his upcoming debut solo album. And it really doesn't get more country than his uber hippy video for 'Love Is Your Name'.

Steven Tyler at the Hollywood Film Awards 2014Steven Tyler is going solo with 'Love Is Your Name'

The video for the new single has a woodland setting decked in vibrant scarves with a wooden shack and a white clad female 'muse', who personifies the concept of the whole visual, which Tyler describes as 'gypsy chic'.

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Johnny Depp Returns To Music In Alice Cooper Supergroup The Hollywood Vampires

Johnny Depp Alice Cooper Joe Perry Hollywood Vampires Aerosmith

Johnny Depp re-visits his musical roots in Alice Cooper's formation of supergroup The Hollywood Vampires, named after his legendary drinking club of the same name. Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry will also join the line-up. It's no secret that the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star and Hollywood heartthrob has a foot in the music industry, it being a big part of his childhood and teenage years. But now he's solidifying that part of his personality by joining a new band: The Hollywood Vampires, alongside Alice Cooper and Joe Perry. 

Johnny Depp promotes 'Mortdecai'
Johnny Depp joins the Hollywood Vampires

The Hollywood Vampires first came about in the 1970s and, while members happened to be some of the biggest rockstars in the world at the time, it was formed as drinking club rather than a band, where members were enlisted on whether or not they could drink the other members under the table. Among them were former Beatles John Lennon and Ringo Starr, as well as Keith Moon, Harry Nilsson and Bernie Taupin.

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Download Festival 2014 Review

Download Festival 2014 was a tamer affair than in previous years, largely owing to the event's tightened alcohol and drugs searches, bands being instructed not to encourage the crowds to mosh, more mainstream main stage headliners, fewer boobs being shown on the live camera feed, and the sombre tone of the renamed 'Stephen Sutton Stage'. Instead of holding a silence for the cancer-struck teen, festival attendees took part in a minute of respectful applause, which was paralleled by comedy pop punk band Bowling For Soup's tribute to the late comic, Rik Mayall.

Download Festival 2014 Review

In memoriam sections aside, the festival managed to transform what could be perceived as a weaker line-up compared to its preceding year into a three-day celebration of a broad range of the rock spectrum, filled with bespoke performance gems and quality heavy metal memories. First night closers Avenged Sevenfold brought a larger stage to Donington than they'd ever taken out of the US and combined imposing crypt-inspired adornments with an explosive set that proved on a world stage that they are worthy successors to titans Metallica and Iron Maiden.

The beady-eyed punter will have had a ball spotting the odd and hilarious happenings across the weekend, including a "face-melting" washboard solo from Berlin faux cowboys The BossHoss, punk's immature popsters Bowling For Soup asking a knight to decapitate a giant inflatable sheep, full contact medieval fighting from Battle Heritage, and Killswitch Engage's Jesse Leach inviting the crowd to "dance responsibly" to a particularly heavy breakdown. Ribs were probably broken in the latter instance.

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Our 10 Favourite Download Festival 2014 Moments

Linkin Park Aerosmith Black Stone Cherry Skindred Avenged Sevenfold Rob Zombie Steven Tyler

Download Festival 2014 has come and gone in a dizzying blast of metal riffage, moshpits frenzies and surprisingly kind weather. The weekend was packed with memorable moments and stand-out performances but we decided to pick our ten favourite moments that truly epitomised the spirit of rock 'n' roll and getting dirty in that legendary Donington field.

Download 2014 Atmosphere Crowd CR: Gobinder Jhitta
Download Festival 2014: Awash With Rock, Not Mud.

1) Black Stone Cherry's Secret Set

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Steven Tyler and Aerosmith - Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler arrives at his Manhattan hotel - New York City , NY, United States - Wednesday 12th June 2013

Steven Tyler and Aerosmith
Steven Tyler and Aerosmith
Steven Tyler and Aerosmith
Steven Tyler and Aerosmith
Steven Tyler and Aerosmith
Steven Tyler and Aerosmith

Steven Tyler and Aerosmith - Steven Tyler of Aerosmith Friday 2nd November 2012 performing live during the 'Today Show' concert series in New York City

Steven Tyler and Aerosmith
Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Aerosmith
Steven Tyler and Aerosmith
Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Aerosmith
Steven Tyler and Aerosmith
Steven Tyler and Aerosmith

Aerosmith - Tom Hamilton and wife Terry Cohen Friday 27th June 2008 at Manhattan Hotel New York City, USA

Erin Brady and Aerosmith
Erin Brady and Aerosmith
Tom Hamilton and Aerosmith
Fans and Aerosmith



Aerosmith Movies

Aerosmith Rocks Donington 2014 Trailer

Aerosmith Rocks Donington 2014 Trailer

Aerosmith proved they are still as legendary as ever when they performed live at Donington...

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