Adriana Lima is ''trying to be good'' with her pregnancy cravings.

The 30-year-old model couldn't get enough of chocolate when she was expecting her first child Valentina, now two, but she is trying to seek out healthier options now she is carrying her second child.

Adriana - who ate an all-protein diet after giving birth to Valentina in order to regain her figure - said: ''I am trying to be good. I have magically turned my ice cream cravings into frozen yogurt cravings!''

The Victoria's Secret beauty insists she and husband Marko Jaric don't mind what sex their new baby is, so long as it is ''healthy''.

She added to People magazine: ''Boy or girl, we'll be excited either way. As long as our baby is healthy, we're happy!''

Adriana has previously admitted she felt at her sexiest when pregnant with Valentina.

She said: ''It was the best thing that can happen to my life. During pregnancy it was great. Those pregnancy hormones did wonders to me.

''I feel much more beautiful, sexier, more womanly. I think my hair, my skin is much better now.''