When we, albeit naively, typed in 'how much does Adele earn', we had no idea what the Internet would throw up.

Various reports suggest the super-singer is raking in a whopping #41k a day! Making all that money per day has landed Adele in the position of being worth #15 million. The success - in the main - is due to the phenomenal success of her second album, which has sold 25 million copies worldwide (that's 19x her debut effort). Melted Stone Ltd said she has £10.3 million in the bank and a further $4.6 million due in royalties. Phew! So, what's Adele been doing with her, frankly, ever-swelling bank account? She bought her dear old mum, Penny Adkins, a lovely new place in Notting Hill, West London to say thanks for all the work she put in so Adele could pursue a career in showbiz. She's also renting Paul McCartney's old L.A mansion for £47,000 a month - just under what she earns in one day, remember.

As it happens, though, all the money in the world can't solve all your problems. And Adele still suffers from nerves before going on stage. A source told The Daily Mail: "A friend in LA recommended the hypnotherapist because Adele was getting so nervous about the gig. She has been rehearsing for the show with an orchestra, but all the preparation in the world isn't enough to keep her calm."