Speaking to the press with her arms laden with six Grammy awards, it was clear last Sunday (February 12, 2012) that Adele had won over the hearts of the Recording Academy. And the public clearly love her as well; they've kept her at the top of the Billboard charts for almost 21 weeks. In fact, many considered last week's Grammy awards to be something of a done deal; it looked unlikely that any other artist would get a look in once Adele was done taking her awards home. It proved to be an accurate theory; Adele took six awards home, equalling the Beyonce's total in 2010.

Far from being bitter, though, most of her fellow performers and nominees were quick to congratulate Adele on her win, acknowledging her wealth of talent; and her popularity, for which she doesn't appear to have compromised on her talent, or her vision, to achieve. Rihanna was seen performing a wild celebration after Adele had taken to the stage and performed 'Rolling in the Deep.' With one arm in the air and one seemingly holding an imaginary microphone to her mouth, Rihanna was quick to show her support for the performance, which was Adele's first since undergoing surgery on her vocal cords. And The Civil Wars, fellow Grammys recipients, have said "I think that's what everyone was waiting for; to hear her.The beauty of her standing on stage with just her band and a total lack of bells and whistles and production really highlighted just how great a singer she really is. If the music is great you don't need it." The comments are possibly a reference to the contrasting performance from Nicki Minaj, which with its bizarre theatrics, managed to offend the Catholic League, not to mention bewildering a number of the viewers.

Bruno Mars' response to Adele winning Record of the Year, however, are a little less 'cut and dried.' The jury seems to be out on whether he was genuinely throwing a hissy fit, dancing in celebration for her, or simply joking around.