Adele is working with a vocal coach.

The 'Someone Like You' hitmaker has enlisted the help of Los Angeles coach Ron Anderson to work with her in an attempt to avoid damaging her vocal cords, despite being renowned for having one of the best voices in the world.

A source said: ''It's not unusual for pop stars to see vocal coaches even when they have near-perfect vocals.''

The expert - who has also coached Kylie Minogue, Janet Jackson and Selena Gomez in the past - previously worked with the 26-year-old musician in 2011 shortly after the release of her 30 million-selling album '21', and has now returned to him in a bid to prevent damaging her voice again after undergoing emergency surgery in 2012 to repair a vocal cord haemorrhage

The source told The Sun newspaper: ''Adele's sessions with Ron don't tend to focus on how good she sounds, they're more about minimising the risk of damage. If she is having issues again, it could explain why her album is getting pushed back.''

Despite receiving help with her voice, industry website Music Business Worldwide last week reported the singer's highly anticipated third album is unlikely to be released before the autumn.

A source close to the singer said: ''The album will be released when it's ready - [we] hope that will be at some stage in 2015. That's all I can tell you right now.''