British soul star Adele refuses to write songs about her last break-up as she's convinced her "idiot" ex-boyfriend would brag about inspiring her music.
The Rolling in the Deep hitmaker ended her last relationship around her 23rd birthday in May (11) but she has no plans to sing about her heartache on her next album - because her unnamed ex would be delighted.
She tells U.K. talk show host Jonathan Ross, "I hate being single. It's really hard. To be honest, I got a bit burned back in May around my birthday.
"I know he'd be over the moon if I wrote a record about him. But no way is that boy getting a record about him. No way - he would ride that wave forever, that's how much of a d**khead he is. He would ride that wave forever. Get a life, you idiot!
"We've got the same friends and they'll all be watching this (interview) 'cause he's obsessed, and they'll all be going, 'Loser!'"
Adele has previously admitted the tracks on her first two albums, 19 and 21, were inspired by her ex-boyfriends and painful break-ups.