Adele celebrated her Oscar win like so many others: tears and thankyous. But did she only win because of the Bond tribute that punctuated The 85th Academy Awards? If so, what should it have been?

Well it certainly shouldn’t have been Seth McFarlane’s Everybody Needs A Best Friend from his own film, Ted. We could only just stand his smug grin while he presented the ceremony, but to see him actually take an award for anything would have been a step too far. And he would have probably tried to sing, again, and that’s not good. It’s bad. The lack of press for Chasing Ice probably meant the song, Before My Time was a doomed nomination. Written by J. Ralph, and featuring Scarlett Johansson on vocals, this is one that could have won on a different night, and perhaps in a different film. Now we get to the stuff that could have won. Suddenly, from Les Miserables, was a powerful tune, and, considering Les Mis is a musical, it was integral to the film - perhaps a more worthy contender. Pi's Lullaby from Life of Pi was our winner, though. This poignant, well-placed song fitted the film perfectly, and we believe Pi should have been recognized for its score as well as its visual effects.


Oscar Winner - Adele

Still, Adele won, and we don’t begrudge her that. Skyfall was a great film and a great song, and we’re looking forward to a 2013 full of Adele, should be good!