Adele has been the victim of a sex tape hoax, according to The Telegraph. The report details how a French magazine, Public, has run a three page article on the sex tape, claiming that the stills reproduced from the video show Adele in the seat of her ex-boyfriend's car. The article quotes a "close friend" as saying that Adele was "devastated" to find out that the private images had been released to the French media. A French paparazzo, Jean Claude Elfassi announced that he would be posting the video on his website tomorrow (February 18, 2012)
However, his website is not currently working, according to The Telegraph and instead has a message stating that it has been temporarily disabled. A spokesman for Adele has said that the claims are "100 per cent false" and the 23 year-old singer has instructed the law firm Schillings to take legal action against those making the claims.
Adele won six awards at last weekend's Grammy awards and in her final acceptance speech of the even, for her album, 21, she told the audience that the album - which has been a huge global success for her - had been written about "something that is really normal, and everyone's been through it, which is a rubbish relationship." The ex-boyfriend who inspired the lyrics of 21 has previously tried to claim that he should be entitled to royalties from the singer's album, on the grounds that - in Adele words - "he'd had some input into the creative process by being a p----." Adele, however, has never revealed her ex boyfriend's identity to the media.