Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep' was influenced by rapper ODB and The White Stripes.

The lead single from Adele's second album, '21' has been a huge international hit, but despite having a classic soul sound, the inspiration behind is much more contemporary and surprising.

Producer Paul Epworth told ''When we were doing 'Rolling In The Deep' we wanted the impact and feeling of the track to have a little bit of 'Seven Nation Army' by The White Stripes.

''But for The Bridges, we were trying to make the piano sound like 'Brooklyn Zoo' by Ol' Dirty B*****d. And when it came to the whole feeling of her vocal relationship to the track, we thought most like Cee Lo Green and Nina Simone.''

Adele's '21' is was inspired by a particularly painful love split, but she has promised she is now ''done being a bitter witch,'' and vowed to ''never write a break-up record again.''

Adele, now 23, also said people assume she is ''miserable'' because of melancholy songs like 'Someone Like You', but they end up ''surprised'' when they meet her and find she is actually cheerful and upbeat.