Since the birth of her first child, Adele has been in a state of self-imposed exile form the rest of the world as she has been spending every waking second with her new baby boy. But Adele is still a working woman, and after flying into Los Angeles (with her son in tow of course) yesterday (Jan 11), the singer looks as though she is ready to begin the transition back into the real world.

Despite claiming heaps of acclaim and attention last year, Adele actually only brought out one release in 2012 - the theme song for the Bond movie Skyfall. With awards season fast approaching, it comes as no surprise to hear that the Brit sensation is up for just about every 'Best Song' award during the competitive season. She is now readying herself to climb back on board the performance train once again and this all starts on Sunday during the Golden Globes ceremony, with the singer also performing at the bash.

With the news of the Oscar nominations emerging yesterday, Adele picked up another nod for her work this week, on top of her win at the Critic's Choice Awards for Best Song. Still, the prospect of getting back to the pre-baby norms doesn't seem to be bothering the singer all too much, as she was snapped out and about in LA yesterday on quite the shopping spree. Well, when in Rome.

Adele will be performing at the Golden Globes ceremony this Sunday (Jan 13) and is also expected to perform at the Oscar ceremony next month. Its good to have you back Adele!