The way things are shaping up, 2013 is set to be a huge year for Adele, who, for a brief while, stayed quiet after her empathic burst onto the music scene.

Since being asked to co-write and perform Skyfall, the song from the James Bond movie of the same name, Adele has had a wee baby, and while she's not spoken to the press about it, photos of her wearing a necklace bearing the name "Angelo" suggest her first born could be nicknamed Angie at school. And with Skyfall having been nominated for Best Original Song, Adele is set to perform at the ceremony. It will be her first live performance since last year's Grammy Awards. In a statement she said: "It's something I've never experienced and probably only ever will once! It's an honour to be nominated and terrifyingly wonderful to be singing in front of people who have captured my imagination over and over again." The Academy Awards' official Twitter feed has posted: "Best 4 Words Ever: Adele Performing At #Oscars.

The theme has already achieved awards success after it won the Golden Globe for best original song earlier this month. "It's very strange to be here, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your world for a night, it's amazing."