She’s a pinball wizard, there has to be a twist… Nope, no twist, but Adele is clearly a pinball fanatic, even if she’s not a wizard, per se. The multi award-winning singer and songwriter has reportedly splashed out somewhere in the tune of £15,000 to kit her house out with ‘80s style retro arcade machines. Adele bought herself a £2 million mansion on the Sussex coast, to live in with her partner Simon Konecki and their new baby Angelo. The last few months have been spent doing the place up and following her recent stint in Los Angeles, Adele seems keen to get the mansion kitted out with cool gadgets.

According to The Sun, the ‘Chasing Pavements’ singer has splashed out the tidy sum on a Pac-Man machine, a Space Invaders arcade game and two pinball machines, as well as a two player ‘shoot-em-up’ game. They’re all due to be installed in the games room at her new mansion. This isn’t the first time that Adele has chosen to fill her abode with games, either. The 10 bedroom house that she lived in in West Sussex reportedly had three snooker tables in it and whilst she was in LA recently preparing for the Oscars, she rented a lavish property with a vintage bowling alley.  

This might seem like a lot of money to be splashing out on quirky games, especially when she’s just had a new baby. Still, when you’re earning a staggering £40k per day (yes, per day) from royalties on your super-successful two albums, then this is a drop in the ocean, really. 

Adele: She splashed out £15,000 on retro arcade games for her home