Adele and Beyoncé are to perform at next year's Grammy Awards.

The 'Hello' hitmaker and the 35-year-old hip-hop artist will go up against each other in the Album of The Year, Record of The Year and Song of The Year categories, and the event's producer Ken Ehrlich is hoping they'll both hit the stage on the night.

Speaking to Billboard, he said: ''Very few people say no to the Grammys. Over all of the years I've been doing the show, there have been [only] three or four acts who've actually said no. But I can tell you that Adele and Beyoncé are not two of them. We have every anticipation that both of them will be with us in February.

''We love a good horse race. It's a fine line: We love the competition aspect of it, but it's really more - here's the cliché - the family of music. I don't know how many of those three categories they're in together that we'll announce during the telecast, but we'll probably come pretty close. When you can start with that as a foundation for a show, you're in pretty good shape. The difference this year, compared to others, is that Beyoncé and Adele are both women controlling their careers. In years past, the women who have been nominated probably were A&R'd by men who told them what songs to sing, and men who wrote the songs for them and then asked them to go into the studio and kill it vocally. These two iconic superstars control their own destinies. They're not 'divas.' I think that was [the term] of the time. It's strange to me that VH1 still does it, because I don't know if that's how I would describe any woman. I wouldn't describe Beyoncé as a 'diva.' She is fierce, as is Adele.''

And Adele was ecstatic when she found out she had been nominated and celebrated by downing champagne with her producer, Greg Kurstin.

He said: ''We actually saw each other and had a little champagne. You just never know how anything is going to go. I was so nervous the night before. But then I woke up to the good news.''