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Rob The Mob Trailer

Tommy and Rosie are a young couple living in New York who are madly in love with one another - mad enough that they begin to pull off the most dangerous heists possible in order to make enough money to start a life together after their stints in prison. While Rosie attempts to make an honest living as a debt collector, Tommy is hell-bent on revenge after watching his father get beaten to a pulp by the Mafia when he was just a child. He follows a court trial of mobster Sammy 'The Bull' Gravano whose information in court about his recent exploits present Tommy with an idea to rob the gang's No-Guns social club with Rosie as the getaway driver. After getting away with it without a hit contract, they continue to rob the mob before discovering an important piece of inside information that could permanently bring down the world's most formidable criminals.

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The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete Trailer

Mister is a 13-year-old boy living amongst the poverty stricken suburbs of Brooklyn, New York. Living with his substance-dependent and off-the-rails mother, he has developed an unusual level of maturity and independence and tries his hardest to help his family by trawling through the local newspapers for jobs for his mother that wouldn't run background checks. However, when she is arrested and jailed, Mister and 9-year-old Pete set out to take care of themselves - even if it means begging on the street - whilst hiding from police, child protection services and dangerous criminals his mother was involved with. As the weeks wear on, Mister starts to truly understand that he is on his own now when it becomes clear that his mother is not going to come back for him even when she's free.

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Silent House Trailer

As a girl, Sarah Murphy would spend her summers at a beautiful lake house with her dad. Many years later, the pair - along with Sarah's uncle Peter - returns to the house to renovate it, as the family wish to sell it. Sarah's old friend, Sophia, stops by but the former doesn't recognise her. The awkward conversation eventually comes to a close and Sarah continues into the house to begin renovations.

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