Presenting the Hollywood theme of the month: dumb white boy poses as street thug at an all-black nightclub. First, it was Steve Martin as an uptight lawyer in Bringing Down the House. Now, it's Jamie Kennedy (TV's The Jamie Kennedy Experiment) in the race relations comedy Malibu's Most Wanted. The major difference: Kennedy's creation, white gangsta wannabe B-Rad, isn't just posin'. He really thinks he's down. In his mind, he ain't playin'; he's the real shiznit.

That's the crux of director John Whitesell's semi-parody on ethnic and societal stereotypes, and while suffering from being too thin and silly at times, the idea is pulled off better than one might expect. B-Rad is really Brad, as in Brad Gluckman, a super-privileged white Jewish boy who is forced to see what life in the 'hood is really like -- and finds that he actually fits in a little.

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