Just Go with It , the first of two Adam Sandler movies released this year -- the other was Jack and Jill -- just barely kept Sandler's streak of $100-million hits going (it wound up with $103 million; Jack and Jill only made it to $71 million), but it was the biggest hit of the year on Redbox kiosks, the Los Angeles Times reported today (Thursday). The No. 2 Redbox rental was the Ashton Kutcher-Natalie Portman rom-com, No Strings Attached. In fact, the Times observed, all of the top five movies rented from the machines were comedies. And some films, which were big hits on Redbox, did only marginally well at the domestic box office, including the Johnny Depp-Angelina Jolie thriller The Tourist -- which did well overseas -- and Seth Rogen's The Green Hornet -- which also sold more tickets overseas than it did at home.