Drew Barrymore & Adam Sandler are Hollywood's most adorable on-screen couples, but many have always wondered if their chemistry together ever blossomed off-screen.

The acting duo, who star in the new comedy 'Blended,' finally got the chance to clarify if they have ever dated or slept together, while appearing on 'Chelsea Lately' on Thursday (May 22nd).

"Have you guys ever dated? Have you ever hooked up or [had] penetration," the talk-show host jokingly asked.

The 39 year-old actress was first to respond in abrupt fashion as she said, "Not even a little! Not even like, as we say in The Wedding Singer, 'Church tongue.' Nothing, really."

"One night I screamed, 'Please look at it!'" the 47 year-old actor said of his privates. "No, we always just hung out and had a good time. We always socialized, but we never, it's good."

Barrymore noted that not becoming romantically connected with one another is most likely the reason for their partnership to remain so successful.

"That's probably why we've been able to stick together all these years because there never was that awkward moment," she said.

'Blended' is the third comedy the duo have starred in together, with the first coming in 1998's 'The Wedding Singer,' as Robbie Hart and Julia Sullivan, and again six years later in 2004's '50 First Dates' as Henry Roth and Lucy Whitmore.

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While attending the premiere of the new rom-com in Hollywood on Wednesday night (May 21st), Sandler also revealed that Barrymore still finds it "awkward" when filming romantic scenes.

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"Absolutely, for Drew every time," he told E!News. "It's been awkward when we were strangers for her. But I keep saying, 'They paid you, buddy, get in here.'"

'Blended' is the thrid rom-com Barrymore and Sandler have starred in