Blended marks the third time Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler have teamed up on-screen, recapturing the strong chemistry that made both The Wedding Singer (1998) and 50 First Dates (2004) such big hits. But how did the child star of E.T and the wacky comedian from Saturday Night Live get together in the first place?

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Barrymore and Sandler are back together again

Long-time friend Frank Coraci (who directed The Wedding Singer and Blended) remembers originally talking to Sandler about doing a cool romantic-comedy that would appeal to guys. "Adam had met Drew and said, 'You gotta meet this girl!'" Coraci says. "And I just fell in love with Drew. There's nobody on the planet like her."

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A fan of Sandler's early films Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison, Barrymore says she knew she and Sandler were meant to become long-time collaborators. "I was scheming," she remembers, "because I knew within my bones that we were supposed to partner up."

"I thought she was hitting on me," Sandler recalls. But after working together on The Wedding Singer he said that Barrymore offered something new: "She makes me feel safe and protected."

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"That's because we have each others' backs," Barrymore notes.

After the 1980s-set Wedding Singer, they travelled to Hawaii to film 50 First Dates, which was directed by Peter Segal (Grudge Match), then to South Africa for Blended. They're already talking about making another film with Coraci. "I'm in," says Barrymore. "I've been asking him where we're going to go do it. I think we should go back to Hawaii!"