Adam Sandler has just made record-breaking awards history, though possibly not of the kind that he was hoping for. Sandler's gender-swapping comedy Jack & Jill managed to sweep the board, winning every single prize at last night's Razzies - the spoof industry awards that recognise the very worst in recent cinematic history.
The Razzies have been running for 32 years and last night marks the first time that one film has won every single title. For some of the awards, the voting members of the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation made a slight concession and shared the award between Jack & Jill and another film, Just Go With It. Unfortunately for Sandler, that was another of his films. The founder of the Razzies, John Wilson, said "Adam Sandler has a pretty much basic attitude of, 'No matter how dumb I make it, my fans are going to pay to see it," when providing an explanation for Sandler's monopoly on the awards sweep. "It was good enough to get our attention. If you work with the attitude that you're just going to be good enough, then you're probably good enough for the Razzies" said Wilson.
Somewhat uniquely (albeit a tad tongue-in-cheek), Adam Sandler managed to win the prize for both Worst Actor and Worst Actress. In Jack & Jill, he plays both lead roles; Jack and Jill. David Spade was awarded 'Worst Supporting Actress' for his own attempts at cross-dressing comedy for the film.