Adam Sandler denies having a Peter Pan complex.

The 46- year-old actor - who reprises his role as Lenny Feder in comedy sequel 'Grown Ups 2' - regularly plays leading men who don't want to grow up, much like the famous Disney character, but he insists his alter-egos aren't just overgrown children.

He told Radar magazine: ''It's not really a Peter Pan thing, I don't think I have that complex. It's about day to day, you don't want to give into the inevitable. You want to do as much as you possibly can. If you've been having fun and enjoying your life when you're young, it's not easy to just go suddenly: 'Oh OK, that's over now, I want to sit back and watch someone else have all the fun and I'll just sit in my chair and do nothing.' ''

Sandler, who produced the 2013 hit film directed by Dennis Dugan, arrived on set the first day without a script, unlike the way he worked on other productions, and created the story as he went along.

He explained: ''We just turned up without a script on the first day.

''What really happens is that a group of us come up with an idea and work on it . We just riff around, make jokes, try and make each other laugh.''

Adam Sandler is interviewed in this week's Radar Magazine, available on Saturday with The Independent newspaper (