Adam Sandler ''used'' Bella Thorne to get closer to his daughters.

The 47-year-old actor - who is married to Jackie Titone - says both Sadie, eight, and Sunny, six, are huge fans of his 'Blended' co-star and he admits he asked the actress to spend time with his family to impress his kids.

He said: ''I used Bella to get closer with my kids. It felt right. My kids love Bella!''

And Adam also loves sharing fast food meals with his children in the hope the memories of the treats will curb any bad behaviour.

He joked: ''It's fun to show up, because at our school, you can go to lunch with your kids. You just show up with an In-N-Out burger and your kid loves you more.

''That night, when they're mad at you, you're like, 'Remember the In-N-Out!' ''

Adam is looking forward to Father's Day this Sunday (15.06.14), but hopes it is more fun than his household's recent Mother's Day celebrations.

He said: ''On Mother's Day, we had a great time and were with [the girls] all day long. As the kids were falling asleep, my wife said, 'When they fall asleep, we'll see a movie.' The next thing I know, my wife is sleeping.

''One kid is sleeping with my wife, and I'm up with the other one, and I'm like, 'Yeah, we're not doing this.' [That's the] difference when you have kids--it's pathetic if someone wants to meet you after 9:30 at night. The hours are tough!''