Adam Levine's wife reportedly isn't ready to have children.

The Maroon 5 frontman is desperate to have a baby with Behati Prinsloo, whom he married six months ago, but the 25-year-old model thinks she is too young to start a family.

A source said: ''She doesn't want to be a mom just yet. She wants to work for a few more years.''

The 'Maps' hitmaker, 35, is said to share different views to the Victoria's Secret stunner because he has wanted to have a child for several years.

The insider added to InTouch magazine: ''Adam is really upset, but there's nothing that will change her mind.

''Adam has been whining that he doesn't want to be an old dad. He wants to be a daddy right now.''

The 'Animals' hitmaker recently admitted he wanted to have about 17 children with Behati.

He said: ''[I want] like, 17. Is that reasonable? I love kids so much though. I love seeing kids on the set too.

''Yeah, we're gonna do it at some point in the not-so-distant-slash-undisclosed-slash-I-really-have-no-idea-big-question-mark future.''