Adam Levine was crowned with the prestigious title of 'People's Magazine's 2013 Sexiest Man Alive'.

The 34 year-old now joins the company of George Clooney, Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp, as they have all previously won this title, but has it sunk in yet?

Levine told E!News, "It's bizarre, It's funny. It's awesome, flattering."

The gossip site even asked if he now felt sexier than before, in which he replied, "A lot more, I felt like today was the first day I've ever felt like I was being a little handsome."

'The Voice' coach added, "I'm going to just be getting so much crap from everybody I know, it's going to be interesting to endure."

Levine wasn't wrong, since he garnered the coveted title there has been a negative backlash coming from, what seems like, the whole online community.

The New York Daily News dedicated an entire article to the hatred Levine is receiving off the internet, which highlighted a few annoyed individuals.

"Who votes in these surveys? Blind people?" wrote an online user, with another adding, "If scrawny body, giraffe-necked, 2-day stubble guys with hair growth creeping down their necks are 'in,' then yes, I can see why People chose this guy."

Jezebel, a site dedicated to pro-feminist views, highlighted Levine's crowning with the headline, "Adam Levine Is Not the Sexiest Man Alive. Adam Levine Is the Worst," and it also brands "him the human equivalent of testing positive for chlamydia."

Now things are just getting personal!

Haters will definitely not want to watch 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' as the late night talk show tweeted, "@PeopleMag's #SexiestManAlive @AdamLevine will be officially accepting his award live on #Kimmel tonight!"

Adam Levine
Levine's crowning has caused an online backlash