Adam Levine can't wait to give up his bachelor status.

The 'Voice' USA judge is set to marry Behati Prinsloo in Mexico this summer and insists he has done everything on his bachelor bucket list.

He said: ''I think I've probably had enough bachelor parties for all of the bachelors in Southern California. In my lifetime I've done it right. I've had plenty of fun. I did have a bachelor party, and it was cool and mellow.

''You never get everything out of your system. Because then you wouldn't have a system. You're always fighting something.

''I definitely feel like I'm sitting in the chair I'm supposed to be sitting in right now. It all feels very natural.''

The Maroon 5 star likes to keep his relationship with the South African beauty private because it stays ''special'' that way.

He told People magazine: ''My relationship with Behati is mine. It's not for anybody else. That's what makes the relationship special and intimate. The minute I start to share the deepest things in my life, I'm losing something.''

Adam says he family helped him not go off the rails when he first found fame and as a result he was able to relate to his character in 'Begin Again,' who makes mistakes when he hits it big in the music world, because he struggled not to give into temptation earlier in his career.

He said: ''This guy was me at a certain point. He's about to be lost and is losing it. Granted, it wasn't the same experience. But all of a sudden you have much more at your disposal, girls, money, alcohol, whatever. Your vices become magnified. You get to jump off the edge of a cliff, and if you jump off you're screwed. I've been so blessed. Thank God for my family and friends who supported me.''