Adam Lambert says there is ''less ego'' in his music these days.

The former 'American Idol' contestant is more confident in his abilities than ever before and believes this comes through in his third album, 'The Original High'.

Speaking to Flaunt magazine, he said: ''I think I feel more confident in my talent than I did before, and more clear in my direction. I don't feel I have to assert myself as much, which means there's a lot less ego in the music.''

Adam, 33, was once best known for his elaborate costumes with extreme hair and make-up but as his sound has developed, he has stripped back the extravaganza to focus on his music.

He explained: ''When I started I was constantly trying to create something, but now I want it to be like real-life...I want people to know what I'm really about.''

This new album is one of Adam's most personal yet and he cites one of the main themes as ''the pursuit of happiness''.

He added: ''We all have something that gives us pleasure, but that thing can sometimes turn on you and put you through hell.''