Adam Lambert's new album ''sounds like a therapy session''.

The 33-year-old musician is gearing up to release his third studio record 'The Original High' and revealed he used the LP as a way to try and figure out what he wants out of life, and feels he expressed so much of himself it's like he's talking to a counsellor.

He told BANG Showbiz: ''I would say that the big running theme throughout the album is the pursuit of happiness. Some of my previous work and my life in my early twenties, was like most people, was about trying to figure out who I was, a search for identity. Now that that's pretty much established I feel like the next chapter in my life is trying to figure out what works for me and what makes me happy, and what I want out of life.

''The album's about all of that, and it sounds like a therapy session.''

The former 'American Idol' contestant - who has been touring with Queen for the past year - said despite making the collection, he is still no closer to figuring out the conundrum of what he wants out of life apart from knowing he wants to continue singing.

He explained: ''I think the original high is performing. I think it's the obvious thing, but when I first got up on stage and first sang to an audience, that feeling, that was like the biggest rush, and it still is. But, you can never really get back your first time.''

And Adam added he believes 'The Original High' - which is available to stream now on Amazon, and will be available to purchase on Monday (15.06.15) - is his greatest piece of work so far.

He said: ''I feel like it's my best album that I've done. Vocally I think it shows the most range for me, and different tones and colours and I think that we've nailed these concepts.''