Adam Lambert may sing that he wishes "that this night would never be over" in his new song 'Never Close Our Eyes' but the video accompanying it suggests that he's in fact having a rather rough evening of it - the star unleashing the new clip this week, ahead of the song's release. First of all the lad's hair seems to have been styled with the help of scaffolding either side so high does it ascend, secondly, he seems to be trapped in some sort of dystopian world where everyone dresses and looks the same. Except him, of course - surely you'd think whichever fictional oppressor was over seeing this futuristic world would've sorted that long ago. Apparently not.
So Lambert's galvanising these folk who are walking around the place, scrubbing floors and having regular eye-checks, mainly because he can block the attacks of some guys dressed in white with big smoke machine things. He does by shooting blue paint about the place, kind of like a rubbish Spider-Man, but better too because he's singing all the time whilst he does, claiming that he never wants to close his eyes - which could cause some physiological problems down the line.
Eventually a big duel occurs between Lambert and the oppressed and these chaps dressed in white, and there's only going to be one winner really. With his blue paint Lambert sees off the men and he and his cohorts - now replenished in colour - celebrate by dancing away like they were in some awful early 90s children's TV show. And this was the guy who was going to front Queen this summer. Crikes.